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Wisconsin Snow

The horse knows the way to carry the sleigh;
The hunter tracks deer in new snow.
Pine boughs show wonder of change on the way,
As the sun on their fluff casts a glow.

The hunter enjoys the best of both worlds,
As dawn on the new day unfolds,
The challenge of the hunt, a sunrise unfurled
Belief deer are concealed in its holds.

A few flakes at twilight, some were forewarned,
Of slippery roads to traverse;
To kids on whose sleds small thrills are born,
As Thanksgiving comes, "Could be worse."

To those far away from these fine, frosty climes,
The wonder is reluctantly missed,
When balmy evenings surround Christmas chimes,
Among palms, under mistletoe kissed.

So, good wishes to hunters, pursuing their prey.
May their table abound with fresh meat.
Whether in balmy climes, or crispy, white day,
Thanks to God, whose gifts make life so sweet.

11/09/2011 Carol Morfitt

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