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Reliving Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving memories--it struck a chord;
Dear, seasoned men and women began to share.
It accelerated with each thought and word:
Scenes from the precious past were clearly there.

Oh, how the pies that lined the sill enticed,
The sons and daughters, urged to welcome friends,
With laughing faces, talk, the day was spiced;
They recalled the warmth Thanksgiving day extends.

The cows, the many children's help with chores,
A railroad crew, delayed on down the line,
Then watching for Papa at windows and doors,
Would the doctor Dad, called late be there on time?

The brothers who gave piggy-backs, the shouts
Of laughter as they rollicked in the hay,
And cousins, now passed on: recall cheers and pouts,
And patience learned, to take turns, not just their way.

Papa's horses and the hand-sawn firewood;
The early snow caused bringing out the sleigh.
Ladies telling it, near clapping, saying, "Good!"
Great grandparents glorying in their earlier ways.

So, when I asked ,"What did you like the best,
About your get-together at the home?"
Grandma smiled and said, "I joined the rest,
And shared memories, way better than a poem."

11/15/2011 Carol Morfitt

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