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Prayer finds Meaning

I'm not exactly on my knees today,
But, in my heart, I'm bowing down to You.
I ask for clarity to see my way,
And to persevere to see it through.

It's strange to see the way I need Your power
To do what common sense would clearly show,
But how attention to Your will each hour,
Changes the light on what I think I know.

I'm led to see my attitude of praise,
For who You are, and trust what You would do,
Can give direction, meaning to my days,
How what is done for others is for You.

So, as You prompt in ordering my day,
Bring to mind where attention I should give,
I'll know a little better how to pray,
And trust You, guiding me today, to live.

01/29/2012 Carol Morfitt Welch

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