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The Same Sky

Face the day, and there you'll find the beauty,
Pale coral and golden hue expands,
Look to the opportunity and duty.
Attitude spells privilege or demands;
This same sky both awe and peace commands.

Welcome the evening, glittering stars
Draw us into night aura's sweet intent,
Lead to nostalgia, absent one regard,
Reflecting on the rapture, memory-sent.
This same sky with feelings wistful or content

The ominous cumulonimbus bids adieu,
To the day where pall and sultry air prevail,
And to this sky a strange design and hue,
Indicates a rowdy night, rain, maybe hail,
This same sky slashed by lightning, thunder, gale.

Northern lights play over wintry reaches,
The silver moon reflects on seas of midnight blue,
And lends its gentle light to island beaches.
It's sunlit, moonlit, yes, the whole world through;
A canopy, this same sky over me and you.

02/01/2012 Carol Morfitt Welch

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