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Our Brothers' Plight

Acknowledging the desert, cold and dry,
Aware of storms and anguish born the while,
I bask in myriad blessings, wondering why,
The season's warmth, the happy, welcome smile.

A tyrant holds our brothers on foreign soil,
Away from even a message of belief,
In hunger, deprivation, thankless toil,
I live in joy, while he finds no relief.

How can a heart lack gratitude today?
A way to bridge disparity so vast,
A drop--can we divert the current way,
That others fare, a bit of favor passed?

Then, let me count the love and many gifts,
And find the small donation I can share.
I'll hope, then, that my meager offering lifts,
A little bit of heavy hearts and care.

12/12/2011 Carol Morfitt Welch

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