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Music Nature's Song

The music goes round and and yet around;
It grows within in your mind and in your heart.
Your feet tap to the pulsing of the sound;
Your fingers yearn to join and take their part.

When music lessons were an offered thing,
But fear and self will held their ill-timed sway,
And all that was desired was to sing,
Plan and order were passed by and thrown away.

So music, like the issues of all life,
Has order, a discipline to learn and do.
The created one can only realize,
The skill, by applying, practice, growth to view

It's not too late to try and learn to touch,
The keys with order,discipline and plan'
And music that has been desired so much,
Can be produced, if simply, by my hand.

The beauty that dwells in the swaying trees,
Has seemed entirely free and lacking bonds,
But there is an order the observer sees,
Governing the growth and rest for trees and fronds.

It isn't just today, while strains the ear inspire,
But in learning repeat, faithful, what is shown.
Practicing, the forward steps, give way to fire,
Trees and flowers by nature's rules, are grown.

02/25/2012 Carol Morfitt Welch

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