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Botanical Choreographers

Choreographers who compose in soil and stone
Plan the best from nature's elements,
To maximize the infant and full-blown,
Flora, water, mosaic, please each sense.

Protective hat, with shovel and with cart,
They map, they grade, they plant, nurture, and groom,
Results that charm the eye and touch the heart,
Like architecture, plans and work, their womb.

The branches grafted,deftly trimmed, and pruned,
The borders planted, adding bright array,
The hands that work the fertile soil are tuned
To a vision achieved a given day.

Their efforts nature's elements enhance;
They choreograph the blend of rocks and trees.
The grass and flowers glow and fairly dance,
Awe tourists, citizens, and families.

They lure you down a fetching, well-planned path,
Where fountains in pools bubble high and proud,
And water lilies share their tranquil bath,
With reflections of the palm frond and the cloud.

Bridges arch over cattail, grass, and reed,
Blue flag or orchid placed to catch the eyes;
Multiflorals serve butterflies to feed;
Nearby, bloom floral birds of paradise.

Like white spaces on a composition,
Breaks in the foliage attention call
To take-your-breath away transition,
A vista, your eyes once more to enthrall.

Skillfully, they've arranged the stimuli,
Focused on the Creators lovely work,
Alluring to receptive ear and eye,
Minute and fetching, or grand as a church.

Oh, do not miss the pirouette of palms,
The bananas' lush and fruitful symmetry,
Expressing abundance, heart-touching as Brahms,
"Choreographers with trowels" bless you and me.

02/17/2012 Carol Morfitt Welch

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