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Memories of the Popcorn Ball

"The Popcorn Man Gave a Popcorn Ball,"
Singing arose in the little school.
Hands popped up another title to call,
Though to wait to the end was the rule.

"The popcorn dancers hopped and hopped,"
Bouncy children kicked up too.
"And danced until their heads all popped."
Hands clapped, sorry when it was through.

Now, popcorn dances in our microwave;
Evening time spent with a DVD,
Both our car gas and the time to save,
The night is spent quite cozily.

Recollections, in those school days born,
Gray heads bob merrily once again,
Hearts as light as the popping corn,
Reliving special moments back then.

The laughing faces and voices dear,
Sometimes rowdy sometimes so sweet.
Sweet--and sour--notes revisit the ear,
Like the imagined " Ball"'s dancing feet.

Holiday programs, plays on a stage,
Ruffians from the playgrounds filled roles,
And memory, not faded with age,
Of performances that tickled, touched souls.

Popcorn's aroma wafts through the air,
Though absent are many dear friends,
But myriad bouncing, live youth are there,
Reminding us, life's ball never ends.

03/03/2012 Carol Morfitt Welch

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