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One person's genes.
a unique code that can,
predict much of life
for a woman or man.

The foundation laid,
instruction consistent.
Still what I can be
tenuous, and distant.

Impeded by life's turns,
impelled by the innate,
to realize our potential
is not all up to fate.

The cornerstone set,
structure pliant to strain,
glowing--growing in sunshine,
Cold, pelted by rain.

A course that's laid true,
the blessings of health,
character growing
may outstrip great wealth

The code message hidden,
caterpillar's short span,
the brooding and waiting,
butterfly, as with man

True in life's tasks,
we use time and space
chrysallis, the mundane,
actualizing takes place.

And each has his message,
imprinted, concealed,
with the power of the Maker,

A long bit of patience,
much love we must feel,
the journey played out,
and, yes, we are real!

The path's set for you.
The Lord named you the one.
Work, forgiveness, and patience,
son or daughter, well done.

06/24/2012 Carol Morfitt Welch

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