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Tucked in with Love

He tucked him in, the small son of his heart,
as often done with a soft kiss of love.
This time love hurt, but carefully, each part,
he tucked the little box, the soul gone above.

The soft, crumbly soil, so carefully placed,
the trust God brought them upholding,
And, faced together what must be faced,
The soil and God's care now enfolding.

Tenderly walking, the child in his mind,
the Lord's touch brought through from above,
in the anguish of grief, new life they could find,
painful steps lit by Father's love.

And love of the land, bright, agile thoughts,
Humor and interest served him well.
Although seeing glitches of life bringing naught,
solutions, he'd with wit and grit, tell.

Children by his side, wife steadfast and true,
he walked with sunny one passed before.
Father God took the disheartened and blue,
and broadened hearts and minds even more.

When the walk slowed, and anguish grew more,
he went to God's arms, the battle to win.
A small box near the son he tucked in before,
his children lovingly tucked him in.

06/18/2012 Carol Morfitt Welch

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