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Fourth of July

Soft night has closed the curtain on the skies,
and older folks look forward to the rest.
For children and teens, seems to energize;
fun starts when the bold sun sets in the west.

Activity a change in form begins to take;
amorphous shapes upon the day are drawn,
for children on their weekend at the lake,
or hidden by the hedge in their back lawn.

While fingers of wispy mist thread through the damps,
street lights in town ignite, dispel the dark.
Dew jewels blink, reflecting firefly lamps,
and summer's magic blankets field and park.

What's that? It can't be gunfire in the night!
Or thunder; for the starry skies are clear.
Then snapping pop and muffled boom dismiss the fright,
observance begun before the day is here.

Observance of a sort, but what's to come
will make the sputtering previews seem a drop,
when giggling kids tried out their sought-for prize,
a sparkle, bang, a sizzle and a pop.

And now, the time has come to gather 'round.
We celebrate the founding of our land.
Air fills with the familiar triumph sound:
"Star Spangled Banner" plays, and for our flag we stand.

Excitement mounts as families find seating,
innovative meeting plans are carried out,
cell phones help, visibility fleeting,
The first aerial burst of light stirs up a shout.

Recalling bombs that burst air long ago,
with ambitious planning for the most
exuberant exposition we can show,
to our brave forefathers raise a visual toast.

How could we raise enough who faced the flames,
brave men who held the flag, ready to die,
or who risked all to boldly sign their names?
Their signature we emblazon on the sky.

Along the roadside foliage, mist reflects the light,
of cars returning, safe with families,
Enjoying the freedom won in fearsome fight,
while children say, "Just one more sparkler, please.

06/25/2012 Carol Morfitt Welch

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