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Handyman Hero

As David, in God's strength, dispatched
The lion and the bear,
Heroes in our homes, unmatched,
Bravely tackle home repair.

While we stand by, fighting our doubt,
Confidence in trepidation,
Can this man of other skills win out,
In appliance situation.

So, we cheer on the brave attempt,
Results be, lose or win,
He views this roadblock with contempt.
We ask, "Call repair man in?"

When the problem is at last dispatched,
Cheer the man who has prevailed.
Skill to fix, or wisdom to hire it patched,
The home handyman is hailed.

Among the blessings of the day,
As common snags assail,
God gives the strength and makes the way;
The home hero can prevail.

11/24/2011 Carol Morfitt Welch

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