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The heart had no desire to requite;
The pain there held not any tone of grudge.
When need for forgiveness came to light,
Resistance bubbled up, "How can they judge?"

The decision to forgive had been a fact;
The will to let it go was there for sure,
And, even choosing positive to act,
The object of the pain a thorn would stir.

He who can work both to "will" and "do"
When asked, could change the way I feel.
I can decide about forgiving you;
It's only God who has the power to heal.

And, so, the hurts that long had held the heart,
I chose to give the Father one by one.
Amazed, even the memories that were a part,
Were healed, restored the times of love and fun.

It's wonderful to know He cares and can,
Recover and restore what hearts have lost.
It's not easy to surrender to His plan;
The return makes it seem small to count the cost.

11/26/2011 Carol Morfitt Welch

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