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Cow Paths

Though we see the fault in cowpaths in our minds,
They are a route that anchors us a bit.
In leaving them, rerouting them, one finds,
It takes a while to move to what will fit.

Again, discovery, though bright with hope,
Brings forth the need to change the present path,
And for both the power and will look up,
For wisdom to abandon and to grasp.

Each day, a fresh span to begin anew,
Practice what we're directed to employ.
Though change is hard, and signs of it be few,
A guide is needed for result and joy.

The familiar, bound to action and to thought,
And, what is obstacle, what is of use?
Again, in prayer, the Father can be sought,
For better paths to hold to and to choose.

11/09/2011 Carol Morfitt

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