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Fantasy to Reality

Hardly a sticky candy still around,
The pumpkin faces, shriveled, show their age.
In garbage now, costumes in storage found,
Gone, what held the rollicking center stage.

The angel, hobo, witch are now in class;
Eerie night's enchanted moonlight given way;
Tummy aches from indiscreet treats passed,
Giggling goblins forgotten in the day.

Although the darker side a bit aggrandized,
Imagination and drama have been expressed.
November follows close; note thankful eyes,
Warm jackets, former spooks now brightly dressed.

The bubbly children transformed now to students,
The turkeys hiding in apprehensive fear,
Avoid the executioner with prudence,
While families prepare for grateful cheer.

The birds have southward flown, the clocks turned back.
And music--rushing the season?--fills each store.
As we adjust, the year proceeds on track,.
We fly or hunker down for snow once more.

11/07/2011 Carol Morfitt

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