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Work Styles

Some,with vigor their forte
Click off each passing hour.
Others flow into the day,
Their calm approach their power.

Though, languidly, some face the task,
Its import not give heed to,
Oblivious to what is asked,
But focus if they need to.

The world's work is done by bits,
Proactive, or under pressure.
Nighttime candles may be lit,
Their reward, a bit of leisure.

For him or her, it is the best,
To do the work exciting,
Suited to their interest,
Involving and delighting.

Parents and the schools: Prepare,
A method to apply it.
Homemaking and commerce share
Blessings generated by it.

God-given gifts with way equipped,
Give life wholesome direction.
Accept, enjoy each; none outstripped;
Apply our gifts, and bring connection.

So go for it; work in our style
At tasks that lie before us.
Accomplishment can bring a smile,
Rewards' assuring chorus.

04/02/2012 Carol Morfitt Welch

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