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Appreciation and wonderment

Oh, appreciation and wonder we shared,
Thrilled with feelings exquisite to know,
Sensed in the beauty that danger was dared,
To lore, we listened, of long ago.

Scenes both horrific and graced by deep love,
Consummated only by woe,
Blended with angelic scenes from above;
We read more poems of long ago.

Not the sorrow, but beauty we'd emulate,
Though in life, they concurrent flow.
As the language expressing, we'd formulate
Lines with imagery; passion would flow.

The sonorous, onerous pervades the thought;
Senses hark back to scenes we could know.
Enriching our language, aura is caught,
Images of times long ago.

The writings of yore, we love to explore;
To us motivation impart.
They open a door, though they are no more.
Their colorful words move our hearts.

04/05/2012 Carol Morfitt Welch

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