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The Retreat's Sweet Recovery

It's winding down; we prepare to come together,
Sharing friendship, gifts received and, fears allayed.
Anticipation high for fall's crisp weather,
Spiritual renewing, past behind us laid.

Come all, who seek recovery from loss and pain
All of you who have a life restored to share.
Trade your sorrows for joy; pass on your gain,
And let His power bring the healing there.

Let's come together; those who went before us
Would cheer for us if only we could hear.
Remembering their example can implore us
To bring to others what they held so dear.

The rustling lakeside foliage captivates us;
The soft dusk on the lake breathes peace.
We begin to sense the freedom that awaits us,
Together, those who seek find sweet release.

What wonder when we know that God is in it,
Bringing His power to change where it is sought.
To be aware that every hour and minute
Gives opportunity to live the way He taught.

09/17/2011 Carol Morfitt

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