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The Memory Theme of Life

The details, forthcoming?
No. Lacking or nil;
With what can my drumming
Memory theme fill?

The rhythm of living,
Our history combined
What melody given
Will fill in the lines?

I'll go to the elders
Who still know the theme,
Harmony welders,
Give flesh to the dream,

We'll plumb the deep things,
Those melding the chord,
The voice of love sings,
Whether knowing the word.

Details of beginnings,
Of yours and of mine ,
If memory dimming,
Allows for design.

We'll share of the morning,
Three days down the road,
When life's bright adorning,
Brought you all pink-bowed.

They'll tell; and we'll share it;
The song never ends,
A verse play and air it
Of cousins and friends.

04/10/2012 Carol Morfitt Welch

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