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April's Rising Crescendo

Ice fishing houses off the lake,
Fishing takes another form,
In yards again we mow and rake;
April's rain supplants snow storm.

Pussy willows grace marshy banks;
The poplars bear catkins too,
We'd like a nice warm spring, so thanks,
For sun's higher angle view.

The marching band reverberates,
Doing maneuvers on the street.
Summer's galas anticipates,
New events and memories sweet.

Returning birds investigate,
Homes set up to greet them,.
God-given sense to find a mate,
Our part, a nest-place treat them.

And, oh, so welcome, frogs join in,
Their bass and treble calls.
The loon or mallard once again,
Spring-hungry ears enthralls.

Tulips and snowdrops show their face,
Enhancing homes, city or farm,
The bloodroot's stain, plum blossom's lace,
All part of April's charm.

04/11/2012 Carol Morfitt Welch

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