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The Growth pains of Life

You see the tears; you hear the cry,
If not with empathy but scorn,
They’re met, frustrated little guy,
An angry attitude is born.

Futile anger turned to usefulness,
As life moves on, we turn the page,
May result in facing common stress
With purpose calm instead of rage.

By trial and error, some may find
Better ways to take and give,
Instead of bitter, become kind;
A mentor’s guide, imperative.

A loving arm, a guiding hand,
Wisdom, not always giving in,
Can help a fellow understand,
Life is both to lose and win.

There’s a time to stand beside,
To model, to take part, and show,
Kindly reprove and not deride.
A citizen, you’ve helped to grow.

©08/21/2011 Carol Morfitt

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