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Filling Life's Empty Bucket

I sat, my empty bucket in my hand,
And wondered why no favor came my way.
Would it be gold from rippling rivers panned,
To fill my need with treasure day by day?

The treasure needed, not of gold, but fire,
Could enter my bucket's wee capacity?
The emptiness, what power to inspire
To cause that, which is not there, to be?

A shoulder tap, is someone lacking too,
And, if so, What do I have to give?
In seeking, would I find a strength that's new,
To help another find a call to live?

There is power ready if I seek,
And motivation if I follow through.
I feel the impetus to move and speak;
I find God has the power to make me new.

I tap a shoulder, come my friend and see;
Dip your dipper in my bucket deep.
The love that's amply filling up for me
Is yours to take, to have and share and keep,

It seems to grow the more we give away,
And still the Giver desires our return,
To fill that thirsty bucket every day,
And giving thanks, to live and love and learn.

09/01/2011 Carol Morfitt

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