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Summer's Simulated Square

A do sa do of dandelions,
wind flowers form a line.
Violets demurely bow,
allemanding columbine.

Nature's music seems to sing;
grass gracefully sashays.
Breezes bid bluebells to ring,
and daisies dance for days.

It's sequence of the summertime,
in step and flouncy swirl.
Sweet clover swing with scent sublime,
and tiger lilies twirl..

Black-eyed-susans promenade for miles
where woodbine on fences mass.
The Lord of nature's cadence smiles;
as asters sedately pass.

Star through sunflowers; wave wild rose,
Snapdragons circulate.
Hinge hollyhock; then turning flows
into a chain of eight.

As nature, ordered and precise,
directed by the Master's call,
sequence of movement, eyes entice;
color completes it all.

Fan flowers flutter; China pink
chains across and makes a pair.
Posies pass through in a wink,
emulating a dance that's square.

07/26/2012 Carol Morfitt Welch

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