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County Fair Vacation

They'll stay around a week or two
and see grandchildren show
the could-be prized beef; get a blue?
See what they cook or sew.

While Mom and Dad check on the tack,
make sure safety is observed,
and check to see that funds don't lack,
for rides promised kids, steel-nerved.

Secretary's office humming,
with entries to be displayed,
fair buildings prepared for coming,
county's best, virtual parade.

Just smell the barbecue and brats;
hear hearty serving styles.
Welcome older folks to tots
with festive food and smiles.

Horses abound with walk, lope, trot,
of every hue and size,
from escorting to the parking lot
to performing for a prize.

The horse pull and the tractor pull,
demolition derby view.
See the grandest cow, outstanding bull,
"Fairest of Fair" crowning too.

The midway, buzzing, calls us
with its color, tempting sound.
Take the risk that enthralls us;
dream of nailing that prize this round.

The kiddie barn with lots of cute
animals, baby or petite,
chickens' flowing tails and feathered foot,
and lambs' endearing bleat.

Grandchildren will be glad you're there,
enjoy you, do you proud.
So, it's "heigh-ho, come to the fair,"
Enjoy it with the crowd.

07/26/2012 Carol Morfitt Welch

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