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Laughters Healing Balm

She had new ideas, insights galore;
Her counterpart just listened and laughed.
"Why,"she mused, "With all these truths in store,
Am I not heard? What's the craft?'

The giggles, when they were part of the fun,
Made some sense and added to pleasure,
But, when the merriment was all done,
What was left there to treasure?

There was a truth; it was quite hard to grasp.
When laughter is a reaction,
The one who caused it can claim and clasp,
And finds giggles a special attraction.

And, so it is, that she was amazed;
Whether they be friends, sisters, or brothers,
This little way can brighten the day:
Focus on the wit of the others.

There is a reward to this bright attitude;
It's not like when you're being heard,
But others finding with glad certitude,
Someone expressed joy at their word.

01/25/2012 Carol Morfitt Welch

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