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Inspiration and Practice

Music of the spheres, and beyond, oh hark!
The music of the heavens is revealed with lift,
And the reverberation leaves its mark.
To produce it, leaves a longing, prompts the gift.

And fingers play, and lips vibrate with tones inspired;
What begins as arduous scales, sees light.
A kindled spark,realizing of the gift grows, fired,
By the spirit recognizing within a talent bright.

Move on, oh yes, move on, dear gift, and grow,
For the seed planted is intended to bear fruit.
Withhold no water, motivation , don't let go.
Care, nourish, and protect each tender shoot.

That humbled efforts, nurtured by the spirit,
May produce something of the glory that is sought,
And we, receiving, striving for it, hear it
Earth's efforts echoing Heaven's sound and thought.

01/09/2012 Carol Morfitt

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