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I'm Glad You're You

I want to send you jubilant, exultant lines,
As when Barak and Deborah won the day;
A difference we've made, and troubled times
Will be better for our force and way.

I can only send you love and express care,
That my words can comfort the assaults within,
Insidious, undermining ease, but may my prayer
Sway forces that make each day a challenge to win.

And, as I stand back and view the fray,
I'm seeing battles won in heart and mind;
And, as the challenge persists from day to day,
Your path, signs of His impact, leaves behind.

You're sending me exultant, jubilating lines,
Communicated in your air and attitude,
The power infused into the person--you,
To actuate the desired and sought after--good.

01/07/2012 Carol Morfitt

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