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Celestial Rejoicing

Is it the sound of storm? Oh no!
It's majestic music that I hear.
Faintly, then crescendo seems to overflow,
A harmony so vast as I draw near.

And every tone of instrument and voice,
Expresses triumph, gloriously hails the new.
In the angels' presence, all rejoice,
What death and rising of the Lord made true.

That one, just one, came when the Father called;
The ransom paid, a new person has come forth.
And, angels in reverence enthralled,
Join the chorus, proclaiming wondrous worth.

The light of rainbow hues shines brightly out;
Myriads of angels, saints, sing out their praise,
While harmony beyond belief, loud as a shout,
Thrills the ears and hearts as voices raise.

From the gloom of night and heavy heart,
Sorrow, guilt, and shame all burdening down,
The light celestial seeking to impart,
Heaven's healing glory to the earth's sad frown.

That morning, the open grave, the ransom paid,
Made this rejoicing time available that each
One of us, whose sins, in surrender laid,
May have the joy Easter brings within our reach.

Now, Hallelujahs ring too, here on earth;
Flowers and joyous music greet the day.
Children celebrate as children do, with mirth,
and,"Happy Easter," tells," He made the way."

03/21/2012 Carol Morfitt Welch

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