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Another Marvelous Fall Festival

She's the girl who lives down the street.
Sunday school teacher, grocery stork clerk,
Assertive and bouncy or quiet and sweet,
Today, princess, away from her work.

He's the businessman we all know;
She's a leader, loved and revered.
By their place in the procession we show
Their renown among us is cheered.

Among fall leaves, they pass down the streets,
Sidewalks packed to their limit with glee
As boys and girls vie for the treats
Tossed by clown or celebrity.

Chiffon and leather, flowers and glitz,
Distinguish the mobile display,
Shining brass bands, horses champ bits,
This year's candidates spreading their say.

The hard work preparing lends its reward,
To innovative and well-applied plans.
From contest for design of the medal,
To open-air mart for the artisans.

The suspense of hunt for medallion,
Treasure for the one who has spied.
But many find, when the day's over,
A memory treasure inside.

09/12/2011 Carol Morfitt

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