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Your Student Driver

The time has arrived; it's expected.
Put misgivings and fear on the shelf.
From horrible portents protected.
You'll just have to risk it yourself.

Now, psych yourself up not to tremble,
And don't let it show how you feel.
Your wits about you assemble;
Be brave as your child takes the wheel.

Remember, don't grab for the dashboard,
Prompter of new skills protocol.
And keep your voice free of a fear word;
You'll pass on this part of control.

Remember, time with simulator,
Has given "almost" experience , my friend.
To grab your dear child, second nature,
Resist, or you'll pay in the end.

You, of course, graciously will relinquish,
Mastery of the car to this youth.
Your anxieties will extinguish
When this driver is found somewhat couth.

A few final kind words with a prayer,
Keep it subtle you think you're the boss.
Silently pray, " Lord , help us get there."
And don't make the sign of the cross.

05/16/2012 Carol Morfitt Welch

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