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Happy Mothers day

Many a mother, the first time this year,
Will receive with smiles and moist young eyes,
A gift or a card made by hands she holds dear,
A precious and heart warming prize.

And many a daughter, far miles away,
Will wrap and send a nice gift in the mail,
And sons may forego their fishing that day,
And visit their mom without fail.

And some sons and daughters whose moms have gone home,
Reminisce with a smile and a tear.
And share love between them, remembering some,
Of times from the past they hold dear.

Many a husband shows special favor,
To the mother of his young flock,
Some burn the breakfast, with special flavor,
A gesture of love you can't knock.

Many a grandma glows over the brood,
That have blessed her life and still do.
And many people bring cheer and bring good,
Happy Mothers Day, dear ones, to you.

04/30/2012 Carol Morfitt Welch

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