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Happy Father's Day

Here's the day; it's come upon us,
And our own special Adonis,
Rates laurels we overlook all year.
The guy that bounced us, Mother warning,
Groaned when waking in the morning,
Now we want to let him know he's dear.

Sometimes it's life's muddied waters,
Preventing time with sons and daughters.
Today is here, and if they are around,
There's the mailbox, phone or car,
To bring us to where they are.
In being thought of, feelings warm are found.

Now that June is bursting forth,
We will focus on his worth,
Regard the best as we await the day.
If he is right here or missing,
Some laughter, also hugs, and kissing,
Recall--do now--can go a long, long way.

Guys of jokes and whiskering,
Affection now to you we sing,
Whatever life has brought or brings our way.
Here are warm and heartening wishes,
Sunday dinner so delicious.
May you enjoy a happy Father's day.

06/12/2012 Carol Morfitt Welch

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