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Cybernetic Ties

Tenuous thread that holds us in a bond,
Air waves available reach out when tapped;
To fleeting moments of convenience respond,
When mutual time and motivation are enwrapped.

The waiting for the ring impatiently
Can cause a train of thought monopolized,
Or a reaction, "Just who can that be?"
When concentration is supremely prized.

The day you held the squirming infant son,
Who'd think that the connection would decrease?
And time become so scarce as seasons run,
Love ties, hopefully, maintained at feasts.

And, so, let's take a second look at the device,
That allows for us a quick thought to convey,
Appreciate its value over any vice,
We see, due to modes of another day.

Hurray for words and images that pass,
Through atmosphere and each transmission aid,
Warmth to the individual and mass,
Keeping up connections we have made.

12/27/2011 Carol Morfitt

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