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Celebrate the Dream

It's sometimes called winter doldrums
When the holidays have passed
But, lest we get into ho hums
Think of glories we hold fast.

The New Year we scarcely welcome ring,
When the birthday esteemed arrives,
Great American, Martin Luther King
Who brought meaning to countless lives.

Whose dream we well remember,
Spoke of the longed-for reality,
And fanned the growing ember
Of integration's vitality.

Counters in stores like vibrant bowers
With bright red valentines
Balloons and candies, hearts and flowers
Declare love of many kinds.

And moving on--into cabin fever?
Oh No! Let's celebrate
Our number one liberty's believer,
First president, head of state.

Then the date we all revere,
The honest man and true
Who championed justice far and near,
Slaves freed and peace brought through.

Soon, balmy March winds blowing
Bring evidence its nearly over;
The doldrums gently going,
Snow flakes give way to clover.

So it' summer now that's come to stay.
Enthusiasm would abound;
Thrill of school vacation wears away
And dog days come around

01/19/2012 Carol Morfitt Welch

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