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By Harmony We Live

Shake a new hand; get acquainted;
Treasure old friends that we know.
Be forthright; keep love untainted;
Let the Joy and laughter show.

Let's make time to share our fun side,
Time to show compassion too.
Get to know you, more than one side,
Cherish the old, welcome what's new.

People are the "must" ingredient,
For a life of take and give.
Some of each, worthwhile, expedient,
If, in harmony we'd live.

Bubble over, relate gently,
Savor varied modes and styles.
Let love flow, and, consequently,
Sow and reap a crop of smiles.

Good morning, God, Good morning friends
A good, Good morning to me too.
I can hope, before the day ends,
To share with friends, both old and new.

01/23/2012 Carol Morfitt Welch

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